Two Poems|Cheryl Vargas

Off my mark


Smack on the lips! The kiss on the cheek went awry.

Overshot my target three inches left. Landed on his

mouth. It all happened so quickly. I followed through.

Although completed with a subpar version of my best

work, like some knockoff Gustav Klimt. The train

slipped the track. Why didn’t I just do it properly? After all,

I was already in the perfect spot. Take my time

like lovers do, lean in hold his face, a hand on each

cheek feel his beard, young thorns on a dining car

rose. Guide his gaze out of focus his soft eyes a hazy

silhouette. Embrace him, steal his breath, bite his

lower lip. Repeat slowly, like dance. Spend a lifetime.

Softly pull back a slow sunset beneath the horizon. A

butterfly whisper across his lips, then finish on the

exhale, my wind chimes to his train whistle. Bring him

back into focus. Allow him to return the gesture. His

locomotive kiss.

Smack his cheek!


\Flecks of light


He gazes at me as I spy his shadow dancing upon the water. Soft

as a breeze, I whisper to him. Swim with me. Swim alongside me

for I will not lead, dive deep down hold your breath, hold me.

Beneath the surface darkness will protect us. No voices filling our

heads. A mermaid of dream.


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash


Cheryl Vargas is a New Jersey native who writes for pleasure. Her poems are inspired by the many hats she wears. This includes her daily experiences working and enjoying life with her husband, sons, and daughters. Her latest poem was featured in the Spring/ Summer 2020 edition of Tiferet.

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