Issue 3

Publication Date: December 1 2020


Two Poems|Ahmad Al-Khatat

Between Sheets|Allan Lake|Poetry

Morphed Into Me|Candace Meredith|Fiction

Two Poems|Carl Palmer

Two Poems|Cole Kelly

Four Poems|Dee Allen

Four Poems|Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

Three Poems|Jovan Shadd

Fragile|Jude Brigley |Fiction

The Bear in the Tree |Kelly Hegi |Poetry

The Root|Michael Taiwo Oloyede|Poetry

Three Poems|Michele Mekel

The Walk |Mike L. Nichols |Fiction

A Tale of Two Women|Oluwadunsin Deinde-Sanya|Essay

Four Poems|Paul Tanner

Three Poems|Peniel Gifted

Four Poems|Peycho Kanev

October sunset |Ramachandran M A |Poetry

Three Poems|Shana Ross

Two Poems|Stephen House

Four Poems|Strider Marcus Jones

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