Issue 2


Publication Date: October 1 2020


Two Poems|Aldo Quagliotti

See Naples and Die|Allan Lake|Poetry

Three Poems|Ann Privateer

Australians Invade Costa Rica|B. A. Mullin|Fiction

Two Poems|Bruce McRae

Two Poems|Cheryl Vargas

Four Poems|Christian Garduno

Three Poems|Glen Armstrong

Two Poems|John Grey

Two Poems|Karol Nielsen

Two Poems|Kenneth Pobo

Two Poems|Linda Crate

The Dark-Cloaked Stranger|Marcy McNally|Poetry

Mother’s Milk | M.A. Blickley| Flash Fiction

Two Poems|Michael Ceraolo

Four Poems|Patricia Nelson

Four Poems|Tim Kahl

Seymour Slap, Menudo, and the Oxford Comma|Wayne Rapp|Fiction

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