Two Poems|Linda Crate

thorns of rage


my legacy was never

to be grovel

at the feet of anyone


not sure why you

expected submission

from the queen of chaos,


but you did and i resisted;

even cheated death

when you sent your missives


of darkness after me

i just returned them to



did you really think you could

out strategize loki’s daughter?

you called me a bruiser once,


and i let you because it would

give me the advantage should you

underestimate me and you did;


should’ve accepted the petals

of my love because the thorns of

my rage will never stop seeking your blood.




i am complete on my own


“what is a king without her queen?”

historically, stronger.

without mud the lotus will not grow

so you won’t see me shedding myself

like snakeskin because something

didn’t turn out exactly as planned,

i will just find a different strategy and attack

from a different angle than expected;

i won’t give up on me or my dreams

because i knew i was born to change the


it always terrified me a little bit,

this greatness,

but everyone reaffirmed that i was born

for it;

and so i will step into this crown

with dignity and with honor

because i refuse to shirk my responsibility

not only to the world but to myself—

i am a queen,

don’t need a king to complete me;

i am complete on my own:

like persephone i am both flowers and death

and like hecate i am a mystery—

my language and the mythology of my


mystifies many.


Photo by Andrey Grinkevich on Unsplash



Linda M. Crate’s works have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies both online and in print. She is the author of six poetry chapbooks, the latest of which is: More Than Bone Music (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, March 2019). She’s also the author of the novel Phoenix Tears (Czykmate Books, June 2018). Recently she has published two full-length poetry collections Vampire Daughter (Dark Gatekeeper Gaming, February 2020) and The Sweetest Blood (Cyberwit, February 2020).

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