October sunset |Ramachandran M A |Poetry

east window–

how many moons

in the courtyard?


October sunset–

how many sunsets

in me father?


how long have you been

here in the air father?


who is murmuring it

tonight in my ears, father?


over the eastern hill

full moon tonight–

where could you go

in an evening like this

my father? — nowhere

yes, nowhere but here


who has been murmuring

something in the dark?

perhaps the wind

yes, perhaps the wind


over the still water

full moon in October


whose shadows are meeting

there in our old lane–

where you trod long

where once I trod,

perhaps no one father

perhaps no one–


Photo by de Jesus Benitez on Unsplash



Ramachandran M A lives in Kozhikode, Kerala, India. He writes poems

in English. He writes poetry under his heteronym Tekisui RC as well.

He lives in his tiny room with a few books and DVDs of master film

makers. His only possession is a  laptop.

Ramachandran earns a little money for living by occasional teaching.


Author Photo: Ramachandran M A

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lovely poem

takes to a

different height

© Bidyut Prabha

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