Three Poems|Michele Mekel



Salt-laden, that sediment,

it sinks in—

embedding itself deep

within our psyches.

Like grains of sand or glitter,

there’s just no getting it all out.


Six months later,

an inevitable granule

makes itself known

in the weave of your black pants

worn to your niece’s princess-themed party

last spring—was it?—

or rubbed inadvertently

into the corner of your eye

by the towel taken to the beach

way back in July.


Perhaps, it’s that

which accounts

for the weight

of the soul.




We know it

as the blind men

knew the elephant.

That is to say,

not at all.


Its bounds,

its berth

lost to our finite capacities

to embrace,

to behold.


But cling

to our certainty,

we do—

as if measurable

by tick marks on tape.




Open the door if

only to let darkness in.

It, too, needs a friend.


Photo by Tom van Merrienboer on Unsplash


Author Bio

Living in Happy Valley, Michele Mekel wears many hats of her choosing: writer and editor; educator and bioethicist; poetess and creatrix; cat herder and chief can opener; witch and woman; and, above all, human. Her work has appeared in various academic and creative publications, including having her poetry featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac. She is also a co-principal investigator for the Viral Imaginations: COVID-19 project ( Michele can be found on Instagram @ShaktiEnergy.

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