Three Poems|Peniel Gifted


I had once loved life

For its zippy smiles

Racing like cool igloos

To my quacking fry.


I had once sat

Under the dismal roofs

Of soaring trees,

Here and there, looking.


I had once crammed

Particles with fickles

In the greyish table

Of brownish felt.


Of course, I had once

But now, I reside in

Beams of black and white

Shaping life from the

Reminiscence of my little fry.




I am not dead

But I live in the eclipse

of whispering drops of salt.


I am not dead

But my hands dang

In coals of fresh palm oil

Plopping from the blues.


I am not dead

But my aisle is a skein

Where baby jellies

Are cloyed as whales.



This joy that breathes

Through the season is a floret

Of lurching husk and fovillas

That brighten in royal robes.


Past, the minutes of limbo’s strive

Gone, the king Lear of all time

Ringing, the heavens of a rainbow sky

Cheering, my soul speckles mild.


Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash


Peniel Gifted is a young Nigerian poet and writer. She has great enthusiasm for reading, writing and learning and also an adroit lover of nature and God’s word.


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