Room| Maed Rill Monte|Poetry


The entire length of flesh

is room for growth

a warpaint called race

could paint peace

if the colors found a new canvas

a fresh method to scrutinize the untravelled stretches



A region of escape we could settle in

if we directed the lights

to each other’s body

the beating of the heart like the bustle of homes

in time of reunion

one room for amity

one house of love



The wide space that is the bottom line of your

hands like a spot for rest stop for a journeyer

and shoulders like bamboo hammock

cutting through the winds that pass

with the dust of the passing

these crossings that meet

a sweet treat that we find settlements between each other


Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash


Maed Rill Monte has had haiku published in The Bamboo Hut Journal and Seashores Haiku Journal. And a poem published in the recent Volume I & Issue 2 of Amritanjali. With forthcoming poetry publications with Anti-Heroin Chic, Lost Pen Magazine and Stripes Magazine.

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