Three Poems|Peniel Gifted


Here lies a country-

By the riverside of dolor

Tapping nutriment from

Runnels of Hades.


Her cubs sip from bass

In gushing songs- lunching

Beebread, tanks wailing.


Her husband- floater like a

Widowman, nesting at Bermuda’s

Bank, angel expecting- one day

My kindred soul will be back.



The days are darken

With bituminous wax and

Rays of the shades beneath.


Don’t know when Ningal

Will come for her urchins

And Sol bringing gram’s goodies.


In prickling nettles, we behold

The cockcrows as apiaries

Murmuring for amrita.




Feed the Lunet

With cuisines from

Her grandmother’s kitchen

Slow and steady…


Dress her in the

best bib and tucker, in

Shining ten-gallon, scenting

Candies, slow and steady…


Furnish her in gusto, petting

Twayblades  and pansy violets

Riding in the vault of his glints

Slow and steady…


Photo by Roman Bürki on Unsplash



Peniel Gifted is a young Nigerian poet and writer. She has great enthusiasm for reading writing and learning and also an adroit lover of nature and God’s word.
Her works have appeared in Oke Iroegbu’s diary of Hope and Nostalgia, Cultural Weekly Magazine, Lion and Lilac Magazine and Otherwise Engaged Journal.
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