Three Poems|Sofiat Omowumi




I see my waist

Clad in your arm’s shawl.

I feel your succulent lips on mine

Like a well-cooked cow-hide as

we take in each other’s breath.


I see myself underneath you,

You unlock the door beneath my navel

With the key between your thighs

and we feed the night with our soft moans.


Daydream is a mirage.

My mother would say,

“Don’t enjoy dinner before dinner,

Time for each meal will arrive.”






My sky craves for your smiles,

the stars that once lit it up.

My ears prod the air for your voice

but only found echoes.

You have vanished like words written

on ashes while the wind blows.

You turned into kitchen smoke that

stole its way into thin air.

You became fog and picked race at

the sight of the early sun.





Rain on my roof

Chitchats with my head—

hazy conversations.

There’s gridlock in my head as

Metaphors strive between the intertwined queue.

Imageries flash like a lightning in my mind.

Perhaps if this gridlock clears,

I shall set my pen on the journey between blank sheets.

I hope it’s free of fogs and potholes.



Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash



RAMON Sofiat Omowumi is an undergraduate student of English and Literary studies in Federal University, Oye-Ekiti. She’s a writer—drama, prose and poetry and loves nature. She gets inspiration mostly from nature.


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I cherish the poem, life of a virgin. The last lines are very informative.

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