Four Poems| Maed Rill Monte

Hate is Catching Spiders (and Fleeing Flies)


I can think of myself as Kurapika

(My world’s not as fancy as anime)

with a cross planted in the heart,

(it’s more complicated than that)

the cross ready to crush it to a pulp

(like spiderwebs holding the dead)

the moment I turned my hate away

(like housefly freed from the net)

from the things anticipating the hate

(getting away from fault to safety)

to the ones who are looking for love.




All the Teaching In the World Today


Like the odor of flowers in bloom,

bees flitting from pollen to pollen,

like dew dispersed in the heat,

a moment of clarity likely fades—

and what lasts long, but longing?

Standing on the shortness of life:

I see all alike in a fog of vexation,

running to the point of passing out,

drunk from the cup that couldn’t pass:

continuous movement a principle.

All alike race to the secret;

—all alike must lead nowhere?

Every narrow plot of ground

marked as father to the Truth.

Each creature to its own find

while the breath chases for wind.






Daytime Story


We shift from one side to another,

pretending we don’t hear


time, alarmed; cars, starting;


pretending the lukewarm comfort

preserved in the blankets


is true love or people gone;


pretending eternity is easy to get

so we keep from concerns,


keep our pace; hold our peace;


pretending that a rooster’s

knowledge of the new day


belongs to the dream we forget.




Abandon Poetry


or abandon all hope

The wallet empty

like the page Like

dry country Land

cracking the wide

smile of last stand

Up for judgement

Made for the fire

This livelihood of

weaving the complex

mental systems of

human consciousness

This lack of finance

a stumbling block

Rejection a cross to

bear on the road to

loaning from friends

My people I type on

Android because my

ink has dried and a

brand-new ballpoint

is a luxury to prophets


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash



Maed Rill Monte is a poet living in the Philippines. He is an avid reader of Christian literature, the Stoics and mysticism. He’s had poems published in Trouvaille, Litehouse, Written Tales, Too Well Away, and elsewhere.
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