Three Poems|Parthasarathy Muralidharan

Unknowing her


I devoted a whole Sunday ahead of her birthday for her

I first thought of a broche but couldn’t recall her hair style

whether she used a broche or not

Fancy bangles were good but I didn’t know her hand size

I couldn’t recall the authors she mentioned rarely

so books were also ruled out

I found a beautiful face of goddess sakthi

made of fine clay with wonderful colours

but I was confused because she didn’t display

anything in her living room

I couldn’t think of any costly jewellery

because she was happy with bare neck

In the textile shop again her size was the issue

Finally I settled for a birthday card

She didn’t open it in my presence

nor gave any feedback later


Next year the exercise was not needed

we had broken up



Mock exercise


The small boy’s eyes widened as he explained to his mom

how exciting it was in the morning to watch from the window of preschool

fire service personnel go up a building hanging from a rope

break open its windows on the twentieth floor

and come down with an unconscious woman

and put her into an ambulance

His mom promptly checked the events in the city on the web

and explained to him that was a mock exercise

Later when she was listening to a live discussion on social media

the boy curiously looked at the laptop and asked

what this mock exercise was all about



My roadmap


I certainly know the direction and the roads

and I took pains to draw a map

for my destination

but whenever someone elongates a road in his map

the line intersects the lines in my roadmap

and in  many mornings I find

my map has lost its destination

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


P.Muralidharan’s collection of short stories ‘Draupadi’s only partner’ was published in 2021 and his novel ‘Boomerang’ is ready  for publication. His poems have been published in various magazines and anthologies like globalpoemic, otherwiseengagedjournal, opa.anthology and formerpeople. He is currently in the panel of judges for an ongoing interactive novel contest. Several of his short stories have been included in Anthologies. His nonfiction ‘BUBBLES BURST’ was well received. An active member of many global literary societies, and a poetry/book reviewer, he has translated two books, including Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Why I am Hindu’ into Tamil. His blogs on poetry reviews stand out. Poems so far selected/ published by,,, &


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