Two Poems|Oloyede Michael Taiwo



This candidate is parvenus 

stamped his face on a loaf of bread for a street to feast on  

fear and calumny clad his face 

and his cologne drips of impropriety;

Incessantly dodging questions and queries slung at him by the masses

His words were coquettish 

Only the street that had his coveted edifices was tarred and other streets had laterites and meddlesome potholes

His son schools abroad while other boys compete in notoriety to prove their mettle 

some hurl curses at him while others chase after his reckless, horn blaring convoy

His cars snaked left and right 

and crashed into the gap by the bridge that his greed dug for the masses.

No one went to shovel him out of the pit and the ambulance that tried to save him was stuck in the ditch his government refused to mend.


Taxonomy of wretchedness 


make a pastry of lies for yourself 

revel in its spicy deceitfulness

despise the pricy condiment of truth

dice a pair of inglorious yawns 

don’t spill the bean about your encumbrances 

steam hapless oil of ingratitude 

befriend butlers of ignoble ease 

nibble on the brisket bone of inconsistency

roast the left calves of ludicrosity

chop innumerable onions of lechery

swallow the leftover morsel of lethargy 

sit beside the gas stove of carefreeness

treat yourself to a feast of idleness

lick the plate of perilous clout chasing 

wear the ragged apron of procrastination 

enjoy the carousel of aimlessness 

preserve the decomposed garbage of foolery 

dispose off the unused cellophane of pursuit

microwave your integrity 

incurably eat your words


Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash


Oloyede Michael Taiwo is a poet, storyteller, copywriter, scriptwriter, screen-writer spoken-word artiste, playwright, producer and philomath.

He has appeared on different TV and Radio stations propagating the gospel according to poetry and holding conferences on politics and economic issues.

He wrote and produced the play, ‘Wrinkles, dimples, naira and bets’, during the Lagos Theatre Festival, 2020, in partnership with the British council.


He has performed in several literary events and one of the largest gospel concert in Lagos – Cross Concert.

He curates diverse didactic and literary events, such as:  Learning with celebrities’ conference, Lagos poetrython, Fireflies & Bumblebees and the Lagospoetrython spoken word academy.

He has been shortlisted for the Etisalat prize for Flash fiction and long listed for the Quramo writer’s prize for literature.

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Taiwo is very prolific in his writings and his archives of poetic renderings are a combination of everyday events and relatable societal elements.

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