Four Poems| Katrenia Busch

The Oracle of Birds


For air is to peace

Earth is to war

This here I now release

Whether close or from afar


Division found at my feet

Different at the ground

Congealed at my head, the clouds throne, their seat

Where the air itself is found


For war is awakened in each step I take

Divided, different, loosened, twain

Peace atop the body to overtake

By holding balance to maintain


Lest birds are found to unite the two

That is, the earth and the air

As Zeus himself was found to do

With a very distinguished pair



The Music of Pandora’s Box


Hope was found singing

Things—shall begin to improve

A feeling— that was left—remaining

When all other promises had been removed


Hope was spotted perching

On that soul— that was dismayed

There is was— avenging

Saying, please don’t be afraid


Hope was observed attesting

When fear approached my thoughts

As it began confiding—

Evils fled, but hope was all but— lost


The music of Pandora’s box musing

Hidden trust and expectations

That the outcome and last feeling

Is hope that never abandons



Pinnacle of Darkness

Senses be heightened

Reflexes of this here state

One that is questioned

Whether one is asleep or awake?


For when the eyes drift

And the moon lights thine heart

Libras scales of balance do shift

As the stars then depart


Half thy life be found

Beneath these darkened skies

Thine other self— bound

To only awake at moon-rise


Frenzied in a darkened state

The madness lingers so

As you now lie awake

Being one with your own shadow


The mirror reversed what a pinnacle reached

The order be inverted, may madness be found

Now these steps be backwards, now they be breached

As the highest order was established and the rest can only go down



A Stone that’s Washed Ashore


For with one stone and two birds

Found, through clever throwing motion

Spheres that tumble downwards

Piercing eyes congealed towards this devotion


Feathers gathered to soar and fly

Fiery beneath the earth

Lest navigation rather be earth than sky!

And we now find re-birth


For some are privy to these words

Others not so keen

Hear them now, as these devilish birds

Serve as an omen of what’s foreseen


Winds of time we gather

Under these here wings

Between the sun and moon, a feather

That glides through understanding


The father and the three make four

Quadrants of these things

The birds are found to here adore

These fiery flying tidings


Rumbling from the earth below

Division navigated afore

Be stumbling, lest we throw

A stone that’s washed ashore


Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash


Katrenia G. Busch is an Entertainment Writer for Heart of Hollywood Magazine, film critic for Hollywood Weekly Magazine. She is a mentor for the Web of Science Academy for researchers/reviewers. She is a journal reviewer for the American Psychological Association. Some of her publications have appeared in: The Chamber Magazine, Police Writers, The Screeched Owl, IO Magazine, The Trouvaille Review, Riverrun, In Bloom Magazine, 50 Give or Take among others. She is a published poet and fiction writer. She created the Bay City Neighborhood Watch and assists her local community in various crime prevention and resources. She moderates Facebook Poetry Society yielding over 80k members including publishers, writers and poets.
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