Two Poems|Oloyede Michael Taiwo


A box of epiphanies



A bird sprinkles poops of luck on your head,

you winked and blurted out a cough

tripping on your canvas over a cylinder of ire

the bird chirped a spool of cackles

the same way little Joe sprinkled some pee

on your clothes in his bassinet with a smirk

that sheds goose bumps on your skin

Your teeth opens like a jar of icicles

you grovel at his frame glazed with sweetness

and squeezed tickles of warmth into his palm

but this bird deserves a sling the same way

every obstruction and incursion deserves a flip

except if they brought gusts of goodness

You remember the poignance of the moments that

Little Joe held your hands like a safe refuge

his eyes descended on your worries like clouds on mountains and gave sight to your taste bud for your patter of tiny feet before his yawn hinged on a sigh

trained his eyes on your picturesque chin

Scouring your face like a labyrinth of premonitions

but this poop, and the pee wet your guts with disgust

except for the memories they exhume of your sensei

talking hope into your soul at every incident of birds and babies throwing tantrums of succor from their waste ducts to ease your outlook of a new day or salvage a wretch from the throes of an already drifting life; so you brushed off the poop stain with your nose-bridge brought closer to your face and overrode your speculations, shopping for reckoning in your box of epiphanies



Veneer of dust


This body

this very body

this veneer of dust

nestling in dreams of gold

bridling storms with a yoga mat

this grass

pruned by dumbbells

ropes and skips

crunched by  squats

and jumping jack

for this flat tummy goals

expleting sonorous moans,

sultry high

to trawl her specs with a wink for obese quids

lack luster hands clutched on exotic bags with the hole of a mandolin

filed fingers liming the cesspool of a buckling self esteem

her world is a sorry patch

eyes on the prize

_La grande dame blanc

a fairy welcome to the river of concupiscence

first you bend before you lap,

toss some flesh to the gram

swoon in a bathtub of Veuve Clicquot

to whet the blade of  thirsty schlongs

this glorious puff of a Nubian swan

thrust by the scalpel of ends and scarce

gauntlet of shimmering abs thrown into the wild

minced on the skewer of gluttony

tangled in the crass of spotlights

this decrepit hut of luxury hewed from the logs of avarice,

built to slay


Photo by Ramez E. Nassif on Unsplash


Oloyede Michael Taiwo is a poet, storyteller, copywriter, scriptwriter, screen-writer spoken-word artiste, playwright, producer and philomath. He has appeared on different TV and Radio stations propagating the gospel according to poetry and holding conferences on politics and economic issues.

He wrote and produced the play, ‘Wrinkles, dimples, naira and bets’, during the Lagos Theatre Festival, 2020, in partnership with the British council.

He has performed in several literary events and one of the largest gospel concert in Lagos – Cross Concert.

Also, he curates diverse didactic and literary events, such as:  Learning with celebrities’ conference, Lagos poetrython, Fireflies & Bumblebees and the Lagospoetrython spoken word academy.

He has been shortlisted for the Etisalat prize for Flash fiction and long listed for the Quramo writer’s prize for literature.








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