Four Poems| Januário Esteves


The disgrace that hangs in the air,

That also brings the negligence of harm

How slowly steamed the sweat

Running down the windows of cornification

Often composing priesthood pleonasms

Using sweet potatoes as contraceptives

To stop the human overpopulation

Whose will occur from memory that is damned

In muffled cries of rock calcinations,

In the axiomatic survey of the ritual,

What is the lack of awareness with?

Simply because we were so careered

In a pathological odyssey that boils in the future,

Obsessively submissive gelatinous needs

To the glittering material that exalts from the golden

And useless days that run wild

About dilettante conventions, we look

Absurdly, the course of events

Achieving more days, more hours, more everything.



Everyone’s experience in the years we carry

Lecture on fables with our brothers’ animals

A destiny shared by reciprocal astonishment

Sleeping in the same blue sky, on the same floor

Ovulating in black environments and temperaments

In languid disdain, wishing for the forbidden

Calling the improbable your thing

Getting the light to burn your eyes

So that in the torpor of existence, the course of age

Vomit the irritating toxins that hurt the being

Whistling the birds, a concomitant elegy

May purify the magnanimous shadows of the trees

And cure adverse feelings brought on by harassment

From our childhood in the dread of closed rooms

By keys full of enigmatic trouble

In wet sobs, the sea breeze opened

In the ephemeral conquest of what oppressed us,

We idolized the constant persistence of the answer

Shrewd that emanated from disquieting doubts.



Pigs make war subliminally

Through hot dogs offered

At the crossroads of iconic urban corners

Where sexual abuse occurs at rush hour,

And the marks on the body cast testimonies

Of depravity that reigns in the search for orgasm.

Complaining to the licensed psychoanalyst

Because she’s my half, my other

Who is satisfied with the leftovers that fall from his lap?

An accelerated rise in tension that culminates

In the maladjusted emotion that stands alone

Between night and dawn, the child regurgitates

The pains that make you almost human

In the consent logic of cathartic thoughts,

Demonic and voracious appetites for transgression

That reverberate in the family atmosphere

From the enchanted home that rejuvenates and restores us

The astonishment transience of the flesh that inoculates

Damned memory of extraordinary feats.




Love is an inaccessible place that limits us

The tears of the soul that disappear from us

In a maze of endless beliefs

Sealed within the praised fornication

In tangible sparkles where only favors fit

Putting a non-binary spell on your identity

The emotion of two intertwined spirits

Reveal the restlessness that resides in greed

From not going lonely to that strange night

Crazy to want the intangible communion

That entwines in the fingers of a shadow

Embracing faces that succeed each other in dreams

Received by the secular web that shuffles

With shocks the virginity of our belief

Taking care that we were leathery and unique

Attracted by everything, they embody the manifest

In a carnival of meat bursting into the sum

From the hidden desires in the labyrinth of intention

That often rejects us for the real.


Photo by Ankhesenamun on Unsplash

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