Living By the Script – Deconstructing the myths about happiness

Title: Living by the script

Author: Deji Ajibade

Publisher: The Roaring Lion Newcastle ltd

Year of publication: 2021

Reviewer: Ibeh Ejike


Every human seeks happiness. Deji Ajibade, in his book, describes happiness as one of man’s preoccupations, which he explains to be affected by different myths and lies. In a concise yet distinct manner, He listed thirteen reasons behind human unhappiness. The book “living by the script”, to a considerable extent, deconstructed the myths about happiness.

While he agrees material possessions can bring a measure of happiness, the author argues that “there is more to life than money.” He places relationship as the thing that matters most, “because,” he explains, “when the storms of life hit as they wont to, what we fall back on is not our job, business, or career, it is the people around us, our relationship.”

Living by the script, which the author simplifies to mean living with purpose, is then a way to not only get temporary happiness but also be have a sense of fulfilment, according to the author.

In the chapter 5 and 6 of the book, the author gives the importance of intrinsic motivation, which focuses more on passion and interest rather than rewards and incentives. This may be difficult to apply in the everyday life of an individual, especially in poor nations, when the main focus is on rewards. With the use of marshmallow experiment, the author explains how delayed gratification can help in decision making, especially when deciding on what purpose to live for.

In his later chapters, he discusses how bad habits can destroy a successful person and the very essence of a mentor. He provided steps toward getting a mentor, which he describes as “the giant”.

The book shows the author’s vast research about the experiences and lifestyles of icons in their various fields and, in a storytelling form; he uses these experiences to achieve the book’s aim. But none of the author’s personal experience was found in his book, which, to a degree, questions his eminence.

To a large extent, it helps to reconstruct the mind and to make the most of your life. In a very fair way, the author instils values that are profound and applicable to all humans, irrespective of financial status. The book is really worth reading. Give it a try.


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