Resist The Muse of Sadness|Adeola Juwon Gbalajobi|Poetry


Resist the muse of sadness,
still the pen till your heart buzzes with gladness &
beats like joyful hymns.
Resist the muse of sadness,
don’t line your verses with metaphors of sorrow & imagery of pain.

Let your pen dance with joy.
Write about the scenic morning &the sonic birds, the colourful flowers that greets each day with their beauty.

Write, write about sultry kisses & deep hugs,
about the joy of friendship & the freedom of youth,
the bliss in wine & the ecstasy of dance.

Resist the muse of sadness,
let joy pour from your heart like an eternal river.

Photo by Elyas Pasban on Unsplash


Adeola Juwon Gbalajobi is a Nigerian poet, ghostwriter and a connoisseur of Afro music. He believes in the healing power of words and the sheer beauty of poetry. His works have been published on various literary platforms. Ellipsis is his debut poetry collection.

Adejuwon writes from Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

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