Four Poems | Ramachandran M A


This Time


this time

you set off

for a house

in the shadow

of a leaf


this time

you stand

in a house

that doesn’t exist



this time

you open a door

and a window

to the garden


this time

in the leaf-fall


this time

neither your father

nor your mother

nor the lone hibiscus

of these years


this time

the twilight river

a faint line

in farewell




Shadow Silence


the things

in my childhood

in the frozen silence


my poor father stood

my mother stood


spectre thin

I was abandoned

in the shadow

at the doorstep

or in the backyard

of that hillside hut


still in the dark

maybe in dream

I am pleading a poet

or a priest

to sit with me awhile

but see even those things

of my childhood

have long left me


only the frozen silence


no father

no mother




The Evening Fog


far away the river

and a birdsong–

beyond them hills

then more hills–

then a mountain trail

and you are all alone

there in the evening fog–

sometimes or always

in a teardrop

one’s last breath




White Blossoms


In all that is left

the dark puts forth

thin, green leaves,

from all that is left

a bunch of flowers,

despite the anguish

that gnaws the bone

the dark puts forth

thin green leaves

and white blossoms


Photo by Amanda Schmidt on Unsplash



Ramachandran M A is a poet currently based in Kozhikode, India. He writes under his pseudonym Tekisui RC as well.

Ramachandran’s poetry has appeared in Lion and Lilac Literary Magazine, Stripes Magazine, Rat’s Ass Review, Too Well Away Literary Journal, Arc Magazine and elsewhere.

Additionally, his poems have been published in two anthologies.


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