Three Poems | Yuan Changming

Mindful Mindset 


1/ Here: Into the Reality


You see, here’s the leaf dyed with the full

Spectrum of autumn; here’s the dewdrop

Containing all the dreams made on the

Darkest corner of last night; here’s the

Light pole in the forest where gods land

From another higher world; here’s the swirl

You can dance with to release all your

Stresses against the Virus. Here you are in

Deed as in need embracing

The most

Mindful moment, when you can readily

Measure your feel with each breath, but do

Not think about time, which is nothing but

A pure human invention. Just point every

Synapse of yours to this locale. Here is now


3/ Now: The Art of Living


With my third eye I glaze into

The present moment, & there I find it

Full of pixels, each of which is

Unfurling slowly like a koru into

A whole new brave world that I

Can spend days, even months to watch

As if from

A magic kaleidoscope



Love Lost & Regained: for Helena Qi Hong


1/ A Rambling Sentence for Love Lost


How I sometimes wonder

Whether it is because you wear

Your years so well or because the years

Wear you so well that I fell in mad love with

You after as long as 42 years of separation without

Knowing each other’s whereabouts, again at first sight

With the whole Pacific Ocean between our shortening arms



2/ A Periodic Sentence for Love Regained


At a fairyfly-like moment

On a bushy corner of nature

Preferably under a tall pine tree

In Mayuehe, our mecca or the hilly village

Adjacent closely to the bank of the Yangtze River

With myriad tongues from my hungry innermost being

Each eager to reach deep into your heart, where my soul’s

Fingers could caress every single synapse of your feminine feel

Between the warmth & tenderness of love, across the Pacific & the Pandemic

I’ll join you


Dusk Walk


Taking a walk around the neighborhood at sunset


Leaves rustling as if crows have just flapped by


In the twilight sky, the moon looms-


What if such loomings vanish into an unknown space

As clouds exchange their feels in a hurry?


Seeing a passer-by coming my way, I derailed my body & thought alike


What if the planet really comes to a pause during the Pandemic?

What if social distancing becomes the order of the day for ever?

What if the season, in other words, lasts between rain and snow?


Seeing two teenagers approaching, I jumped aside and hip-hoped

On the curb edge like a lousy dancer as they ran along


What if the doors of my homeland remain close until I am too

Old or too weak to move to see & kiss my first & last love?


What if my family cannot afford to immigrate to Mars from this burning

Or frozen planet? What if another huge meteorite hits earth hard enough?


Seeing a dog-walker come up, I quicken my steps and turn

To an empty sidewalk, smelling marijuana like dog’s fart


What if what I know is neither true nor false if

Thought against reality?


Photo by Helen Cramer on Unsplash



Yuan Changming hails with Allen Yuan from Credits include 12 Pushcart nominations & chapbooks (most recently ALL MY CROWS) besides appearances in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17), BestNewPoemsOnline & Poetry Daily, among 1929 others. Yuan both served on the jury and was nominated for Canada’s National Magazine (poetry category).


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