Sometimes I Wish It Could Always Be Day | REVIEW

Sometimes I Wish It Could Always Be Day is a collection of poems that feed the soul of every wandering reader. Poems in here do not fear challenging the thoughts of explorers on its canvas.


This is a book of poignant lines with a message for the black and thriving soul.


The author, Ajibade, definitely has the best words to describe touchy subjects, such as:



my thoughts wander like

a lost sheep searching for

her siblings. those nights, sleep


a metaphor, a metaphor too fragile

to hold…


or grief

to be sad and have no one to talk to;

to need company and yet lack the will to seek it.


Unlike a lot of collections that rely heavily on visual imagery and other poetic antics to convey its content, the author uses the intentional beauty of words to convey such heavy details.


With themes running across the human experiences of history, racism, black power, religion, advice for life, depression, oppression, colonialism, revolution, love, ambition, parenting — to name but a few, the book is an archive of many valuable teachings, and lessons at the same time.


My favourite poem in the book, GRIEF, does justice to its title by detailing what the subject feels, looks and is like — without fluff or without inclusion of glaring literary devices that somewhat dilute the substance of the work.


If anything, Sometimes I Wish It Could Always Be Day is a book that takes the reader through the author’s mind and exposes us to his thought patterns and what they hold important and valid enough to forever immortalize in beautifully written lines of poetry thus converted into a book of poetry fit for anyone with an open mind and spirit.



About The Reviewer

Emmanuel Ojelade (Ojex) is a social entrepreneur, poet, publisher, creative head and content curator at ArtHut ( The organization is one of Africa’s fastest growing writers’ community dedicated to the growth of the arts and culture around Africa, the world and its usage for social impact.

Part of his duties is to help artists get their voices, get published, and get their creative works amplified.

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