Arrival on the Last Day of August|Rotimi Osiyoye|Poetry

All afternoon, we swallow wine bottles,

work our feet into tumbling, and don’t stop.

We drop our books, sack our debts

to look at our new sun: the supermarket

we can visit by foot. We drive, carving the streets

into smaller pieces, for memory. For the first time

since birth, we stay out ’till it’s 10, throwing ourselves

at joy’s feet and learning our city from the shadows.

And when we return, like demented dogs,

our dead car barks, trying to blackmail us into guilt

because a day dies, and we celebrate.


Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash


Rotimi is the founder of a media agency that sources for talents that are interested in media, content creation, and entertainment in general. Rotimi is presently working at training over 50 undergraduates on new media and content creation. He has produced over 80 contents and has published on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Rotimi is also the author of a book titled Digital Affection: New Frontiers for Relationships.


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