Three Poems | Sofiat Omowumi RAMON


(After reading “Ejima” by Vivian Nnagboro)

The wind told me how hurt you’re

as it almost burnt my skin while

relaying your message.

Èjíírèé . . .

My demise brought me closer to freedom—

with my wings fluffy like the summer cloud,

I now soar above the ailments which once tied me down—

I glide to other realms and dimensions with ease.

I might have made mama’s eyes a melted ice,

Or made papa take a saunter through grief for too long—

But you must do otherwise.

I’m always with you, so don’t follow me.

If anyone asks you about your èjíírèé,

Tell them I’m you, you’re me.

That’s why we are èjíírèé, edunjobi!



Ejiire: a Yoruba term for twins

Edunjobi: another Yoruba word for twins




The Painter

Every night, I sit before my mirror and

wonder why I’m painted with this color.

Then I realise that this black skin isn’t a mistake,

It’s a gift to be proud of!

This melanin skin isn’t a sign of sorrow,

It’s a symbol of the descent of conquerors.


Each time I see the color of the

figure in the mirror, smile pops and

I thank the perfect painter

For the color He painted me with.



Let’s Grow Again.


Once upon a trifle time,

when the night sky smile,

revealing stars like remnants of evening meal.

Moon would sit on her forehead like a king

watching his reckless subjects.

Those were moments when the mat is spread

across Earth’s flat face and we linger around

Granny like ants around sugar.

Even the trees and plants would sit and listen calmly,

Refusing to giggle to wind’s tickle.

Echoes of silence travel around the sleeping streets

while Granny’s voice speeds across the Universe like a divine messenger.

Her mouth is always ripe for crunchy tales.


Childhood, the only memoir of memorable memories—

With each page full of experiences.

If time were the hands of wall clock,

I’d turn it anticlockwise,

back to my childhood days and begin to

Grow once again.


Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash



Sofiat Omowumi RAMON (Irawo) is an undergraduate student of English and Literary Studies. She’s a writer and a lover of nature. Her works can be found in some online magazines like The Quills Journal, Lion and Lilac, and others.  She mostly gets inspired by nature. She writes and lives in Ekiti State.


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