Three Poems | Bisola Bada



I want to write a poem

that speaks of

deers, antelopes,

pouched rats

& many other

endangered games in

the hands of hunters

in the black continent

but how do I

write this on paper

when this poet

& her gender are

endangered species in

the fist of patriarchs

& misogynists




you were not made

just for him


not for the fire that

wilds inside him


not for every rising

below his torso


not to please his

whet appetite


not to be his kitchen

attendant & waitress


not for returning your

father’s last name

just to take up his


not to help him continue

his paternal lineage


not to launder the smell

of sin from his skin


not to be the refuse bin

that collects his aggressions


girl, you are made just for you & you only



not a doll

you said I was wrong

to ask questions

because to submit means

to speak only in silence—

the dialect of acceptance

but the last time I checked,

a woman was not a doll


you said I do not hold

the keys to my body

because my body is yours

& not mine—

a god needs no consent to

walk through earth,

you kept forcing music out

of a fatigued singer

but can a sun pour its light

into a closed room?


Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash



Bisola Bada is a Business Psychologist and writer from Nigeria. She writes about the intersection of life, beauty, love and everything in between; she writes especially for the girl child. When she is not reading or writing, she is out enjoying the beauty of youth with her girlfriends. She currently writes from Newcastle, United Kingdom.















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