Two Poems | Stephen House

whatever vocation


it was the method

best practiced believing

my unexpected thing

for life

i suppose

what else could i do


daily craft writing


nightly show sometimes


in my whatever vocation

on and on i go


add this to the trickle

creating a must

as they wait for why


while i present

total self-everything



over time growing

with belief and pain etched

until that’s enough

delivery of me

must end somewhere


counting what occurred

from decades of make

adding up feelings

like steam rising

forming as is

spreading wherever


intense cloud inspired

appear then gone


immersed in air


with nil regret



The Godavari River


The Godavari River


through Nasik


and i am living

beside her



divine brother of Krishna

God of eternity and knowledge

bathed here

five thousand years ago


and i do now


the river



way of the traveller


the seeker



looking down

at murky reflection


of self


Photo by Gaurav Kumar on Unsplash



Stephen House has won many awards and nominations as a poet, playwright, and actor. He’s had 20 plays produced with many published by Australian Plays Transform. He’s received several international literature residencies from The Australia Council for the Arts, and an Asialink India literature residency. He’s had two chapbooks published by ICOE Press Australia: ‘real and unreal’ poetry and ‘The Ajoona Guest House’ monologue. His next book drops soon. He performs his acclaimed monologues widely.

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