Three Poems | Zainab Raji

A Daisy’s Dilemma

A daisy came alive in summer

Had itself two daisies to either side

A cape father, a gloriosa mother

Its yellow disc was a beauty

Its white petals, a light

They opened by day and oft closed by night

Through rainstorms, through sunshine

It came in and out all its life

Green for a blanket

Blue for a sky

Faces for amusement

Bees for a ride

Many days, a dark cloud came

Many days, a dark cloud left

First, it took mother

Next, it took father

No mystery, it became that

Its journey too would be taken farther

A daisy’s dilemma is that it must go back to dust

A daisy’s dilemma is, it must be picked and plucked





I First Knew

(A Pantoum)


This, is when I first knew

You were made for me

And I, you

‘Twas once our being felt second to nature


You were made for me

The sun and moon agreed

Once our being felt second to nature

I could pass for Adam, you, Eve


Even the sun and moon agreed

You love me sweetly

And I, you

This, is when I first knew




Illusion of A Heart

Enter into my art room

But make not a sound

You sit, I see

You will have to rise

Build stamina for what you may behold

For I have pain where a heart once was

The red paintings scratch and bite

Come close at a risk that’s yours

The violet, though rich

Hides secrets of beasts

My black is not class

‘Tis ash

It is my grief hovering under and over

Watch where you step

Watch where you turn

My pain likes to linger

Leap and stick to passengers

Make not a sound

When you enter my heart room


Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash


A graduate of Accounting and a former sales accountant, Zainab enjoys writing when she is not busy crunching numbers. Oceans in Your Lungs – a collection of poems that explores themes such as love, chaos and mental health – is her debut work. She lives in Northampton where she is currently working on her next book, a collection of poems inspired by life and its nuances.

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