Only The Gods Know | Abu Ibrahim | Poetry

I once asked my grandpa why he chose to be an atheist

I wondered because he seemed like someone kissed by the gods

His body elevated from the chair, and then he said,

“When the slave masters came, my father held tight to his gods

How could the gods betray him?

That morning, he spilled blood from a fattened goat, poured libation

I guess they were too full and drunk to hear our cries for salvation

The only reason I wasn’t taken by the ocean was because I was stupid enough to hang on a tree

This is why I am apprehensive of the seas, for it took everything worth living away and left only the memories of pain ashore

So why feed a god if you are only going to be slaughtered?

How do you serve a god that failed your fathers?

Why worship a god that only reminds you of your loss?”

And as he collapsed into his chair, on this sunny day, a cold thunder came, and struck my grandpa breathless


Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

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