Why I should go to Stratford | M Sean Dowd | Sonnet | Poetry

Of’t’ time       life’s stage    has cast for me     sweet die

Though sword play has left scars upon my flesh

Yeh!  Steeled of will; to stage front I’ll not shy

Cry wonder star     as to the babe in crèche

And gold, myrrh, frankincense; will reward less

Than bidding to sweet Avon’s shore, The Globe

Whence called     I’ll revel in the player’s dress

An ardent fan of plot, design and robe

And there perchance, I’ll dream    of Juliet

That tragic heroine behests  I come

So climb this vine, yah, buy this rhyme and let

Both me and mine, to Stratford with aplomb

So Victory!  Sweet nectar to me dear

That sweet ferment my cup should raise in cheer

Photo by Precious Madubuike on Unsplash


M Sean Dowd lives and writes in Spain near Vigo In Galicia. His family belongs to the Nation of Métis of Ontario in Canada.

Credits include from the 1990’s, Gitmo begone, in Serai Magazine of Montreal, poems in Polar Borealis and Polar Starlight (BC Canada) , CNF in Syncopation Literary journal of Toronto and an upcoming novella with Hear our Voice LLC in SC USA.

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