Three Poems | David Howerton

In front of coffee shop




strut by

impish smile

leading, trip on feet

she doesn’t care sways hips even more.


getting by on


Friday the 13th again,

just another day,

getting by.


Doesn’t seem like much,

yet you live through so many,

wanting something to reach out….


Of course it doesn’t,

there’s nothing mystical about

the 13th, or

every 13th no matter the day

would be odd.


Though crows


would disagree.



get caught on border


Nice to have time,

to drink stale coffee,

while watching shadows lengthen.

Winds catch leaves, tumble down driveway,

get caught in border where sky scrapers rise.


Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash



David’s a part-time programmer and lives in the American River Canyon outside of Auburn Ca. He has done some landscaping sign painting cooking and made jewelry to pay the bills. He lives a rather quiet life. His wife and he live with a bossy cat. He has three adult daughters and eight grandchildren. His hobbies include type design, soapstone carving, walks in the woods, collecting dragons, and a growing library of Science Fiction.

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