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From time immemorial, humans have been renowned as sensual beings with intense longing and the human body carries a lot of this responsibility.

Jide Badmus’ “What Do I call My Love For Your Body” delves into this sacred realm. The lines in the first stanza of the opening poem Body Language sets the tone for what to expect in this collection of poems that sets the body on fire.

—the human anatomy

Is a journal of emotions

When we juxtapose the make-up of our relationships, we are all emotional beings tossed back and forth either by true love or the whirlwind of a heartbreak.

In the next poem, Your Body is a Poem – The poet proves he is a master of language with an ability to distil beyond the surface, leaving little to the imagination.

Your body under that dress

Is like seeds of thoughts

Trapped in pods-like words

Poised in shells, set to hatch

Into beautiful lines of soft

Curves, clefts & contours.

Isn’t the human body truly a poem? Each conveying vivid imagery, leaving hearts racing and sane minds running wild.

The last stanza in Warhead speaks to what happens under dim lights and in the night’s pitch dark.

We stroke ourselves with the fervour

Of lawnmowers, purring, exploring

Planets beneath our skins

Till what is left of flesh are meteors-

Till your scarlet blooms beg

For thrusts of rain…

Painting imagery that tickles the senses. The poet leaves the reader with some form of awakening, stretching the imagination to wander in the fields of pleasure.

In the poem Blackout

We took refuge in burning cathedrals

And in the last stanza

This morning you asked me

how we survived last night-

Baby, I died…where the hell are we?

The ending of the poem perfectly mirrors the poem’s title and it’s a fitting tribute to relationships where sex is more than just a ritual. The poet’s words carry a deep sense of desire and passion lies between the lines.

The poems in this collection are visual, visceral, and speak to the heart. It might also help the reader examine and analyse their love life and how they can improve their appreciation of their body/partner’s body. The poet has a deep understanding of the body as a house with many rooms; the body is an expression/ your body is a condensed anthology/your body is a metaphor—the multiplicity of the adulation Jide Badmus’ pays to the body makes for an enchanting read. The poem Game of Thrones shows a recurring pattern as the last line in the third stanza:

I say we bare

natural artillery—

for there’s no need

or a power tussle

in this skindom

Shows a poet who is not afraid to invent his own words as the collection is filled with many original moments.

In Gunnilingus, the poet shows he is a master at wordplay while the poems struck with the precision of a soldier at the battlefront:

Push your revulva in my mouth—

I’ll pull the trigger with my tongue

& make you die several times

In the arms of pleasure

At this stage, the mind is drowning in the sea of pleasure and is willing to put into practice a thing or two from this collection of poems that pays homage to the human body. This beautiful collection of poems explores the human body with intricate precision. Definitely one to add to your bookshelf and spice things up in the other room.


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